Need help downloading Garry's Mod

Hey, I downloaded Garry’s Mod a while ago for my Mac, I’m now running a virtual Windows on my mac too. Garry’s mod downloaded fine for my Mac but when I try to download it for Windows 7 it gets to 97% and it says its still downloading but its not. I’ve waited an hour or so and its stuck at 97%. Does it have something to do with Memory, Windows version or something? I’m not quite sure what to do here. Thanks, Roller

Edit* The download is still at 97% but it flashes constantly, it goes from download queued to 0% to 97% and straight back to download queued, as if its constantly redownloading something this happens forever as of now.

Does the Steam downloads window say “disk idle” or “disk busy”?

Yeah, it does. I’m nooby with windows. Is that bad?

Which is it? They’re opposites and the difference is important.

It says disk idle

Have you restarted Steam? If not, do so.

Thank you so much for this, I’ll know to always come back to face punch forums (I just joined for this thread) :slight_smile: Cya!