Need help downloading stuff from facepunch

How do I download files from facepunch .

I Use Winrar and 7 zip

I’m trying to download this right now .

Are you unable to download the file from the Mediafire link in the thread?

No The file just won’t add to my steam directory .

Um, have you used a computer before? The file goes into your downloads folder then YOU move it to your Steam folder. It wont magically end up there unless you point your download directory to it

How does it feel to know that this is probably the dumbest post most people on this forum will read all year. (Unless they go on the Rust section of course)

I Already have a download file .

I Just can’t see it on the game for some reason .

Is there some sort of video i could watch or could you explain it more in depth ?

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I’m new to this don’t be a prick .

It has nothing to do with being new, you can’t open the folder your browser downloads to. Have you ever downloaded anything?