need help downloading

I’m trying to download these ragdolls, but I don’t know what folder to put them in. I extracted the folder with the ragdolls and put it in the Add-On folder, but they don’t show up in game. Any help would be appreciated.

At first glance, it seems that you need Left 4 Dead.


Actually, are you looking in the Spawn menu or the Browse menu? the add-on may not come with a spawnlist.


Ya, scratch the Left 4 Dead part. The addon doesn’t have an info.txt, meaning that you are supposed to drag the materials and models folder into the Gmod root folder. However, this will erase the default HL2 Refugee models.

both. but what about this one. I have tf2 but this one doesn’t show up either.

where did you drop the addon(s) into?

I tried putting it in the root folder but they still don’t show up.


the addons folder. i extracted the folder before I put it in there.


nevermind I got it, but what about the zombie one?

The zombie one needs to either:
A) have an info.txt fabricated (not worth it)
B) have the models and materials folders dropped into the root folder of GM. then, reload the spawn icons for the HL2 characters.

how do I reload the spawn icons? And when you mean put the models and materials folders in the root folder, do you mean the folder that contains the materials and models, or the material/model folder itself.

in the folder with the materials & models subfolders; and you reload the spawn icons via right-click in the browse or spawn menu.

k thanks I will try it out.

nope still not showing up. maybe I need a certain game.