Need help editing a gamemode, HorrorStory

I need a bit of help getting a custom gamemode to work, based on HorrorStory. What I did was hack a few things from HorrorStory and Murder, and I’m trying to get it to work. What I need is the Q menu to work, can not use flashlight except for the flashlight SWEP, no respawn, round to end when everyone is dead, and map to restart at new round. I know nothing of coding, but I did get it to do a few things I do want it to do.



I don’t see how that’s dumb. Horror Story is an alright gamemode, but I wanted the Q menu from Murder in it. The only bad thing about Horror Story is you can respawn. Kinda beats the purpose of playing Horror maps, especially in multiplayer.

Maybe if you didn’t hack it someone would help you.

I think he means he just kinda threw them together…

I meant I threw them together. Hack has more than one meaning.

You said you needed help, but only stated what you want.
This isn’t a request thread. Don’t dump your Lua files here and expect us to have the effort and time to check it out. Some of us are like robots, for instance, you input into me an error and the code that is producing an error, I will output an answer. I don’t have the time to sit here and read all your code and make you a gamemode.

For Q menu, make sure you derive from sandbox.
Use this hook for checking if all players are dead.
Use this hook to prevent spawning.

Also, you said you don’t know how to code. We aren’t here to teach you everything, we are here to guide you and show you what you did wrong and how to fix/improve it.

Hope this helps.