need help exploiting net.start

so i had Various [ Mother Of Lua ] add me on steam asking how to exploit the net library.

here is the transcript:

in case the paste bin link is down its mirrored here

im not sure if this is an actual exploit or if this person doesnt know what exploit means but this is just a heads up.

Why didn’t you just help the guy out. Everyone knows the net.start exploit, and you don’t even need the addon.

Is it bad I don’t know the exploit?

oh :frowning:

It’s just running a net message on the client that isn’t protected serverside that allows you to do whatever you want.

Happened before with servers who didn’t know why they had random admins that they never promoted which was being done with a RunString code, it’s nothing new.

Aaaaaaaah. It’s that exploit. Got it.

i stll have no idea what this exploit is

I have no idea what the serverside code looks like but I’m assuming you can do this to give yourself money.

local moneyToGiveMe = 99999999
local sMoneyToGiveMe = tostring(moneyToGiveMe)

This is what the person you were talking to was asking about.

hmm well security isnt my specialty but on the server wouldnt it just check the amount?

I have no idea, I’m not the creator of the addon. If the person who made it didn’t know what they were doing, or if they made it like that on purpose, then I don’t see why they would bother checking the amount. It’s not the first time something like this has been released anyway. This script is actually from 2013.