Need help fast!

Ok so, Garry’s Mod won’t even start, when I press the icon to being playing, it loads, flashes the window (GMod window probably) and then instantly closes.
I haven’t done anything to GMod recently, I took away all the addons to see if some addon had a problem, and it still did the same thing!
I have no idea what has happened :S

I tried with the desktop shortcut and Steam

It does the same thing

Verify the integrity of the games cache, might work.


Quick enough for you :v:

Do what?

Right click garry’s mod in steam, then properties, then the tab that says local files, then do “verify integrity of game cache”

Sent you a PM but you were already here :smiley:

Haha, no worries man, let me know if that works.


It’ll take a few minutes by the way :xd:

It didn’t work :frowning:

Fuck, Mhmm, try right clicking on Gmod again, going to properties, then set launch options, then type in “-dxlevel 81”, ok that, then relaunch…


I’m trying to help as best I can sorry :v:

YES, it works :smiley:
What does -dxlevel 81 do?
Now I’m curious about that :smiley:

Yeah I’m having the same problem but I get one of those app errors :S I post what the address for it is in a bit if you want it.


lemme try -dxlevel 81

That sets the Direct X level to 8.1, I assume you run on an Intel integrated Graphics card?


Yeah let me know man.


post your app error as well.

yeah that just made it give me a different error

with the direct X set to 8.1 it gives instruction at 0x00010100 referenced mem at 0xffffffff couldn’t be read…without direct x set to 8.1 it gives instruction at 0x00011000 referenced mem at 0x00011000 couldn’t be read…its weird because I was playing then I went to hit disconnect because I was in the middle of testing something I made and then I accidently hit exit :S now it s doing this again…but I seriously doubt what I was doing could do this to gmod.


I had a hunch the direct x 8.1 wouldn’t do anything since I’m running a GeForce 9800 GT

Fair dues, did you try verifying the integrity of the game cache?


Also, have you tried googling the error? accompanied of course by garrys mod in the search bar.

My graphic card is NVIDIA Geforce 230, has DirectX 10, don’t know what went wrong, it worked perfectly before

Mhmm, in that case try setting the -dxlevel to 9 instead of 8.1


Or try the latest graphics drivers.


Just going to pick girlfriend (I don’t believe it either) up then I’ll be back to help.

Just got done verifying, googling both of those resulted in various posts about TF2 and CSS having the same problems, but I found no solution nor did I find a post about GMod…going to try again one more time. If it still doesn’t work then I guess I’ll have to look harder :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait Doc it worked before? Or not

ok yeah now even without dx 8 running its doing the 0x00010100 referenced mem at 0xffffffff error, I’ll post here if I find a fix short of reinstalling GMod


Worked before? You mean before this started happening yeah…


It was working like 40 minutes ago lol.

[editline]06:25PM[/editline] Found this…I’m going to try turning off background applications for now.

Ok, that’s odd, at least it’s not graphical since you were just running it :…

It doesn’t work, last time I said it works it just started, freezes and does nothing and on task manager it says not responding…