Need help figuring out a thing (realms)

I making a gamemode but hit a roadblock.

In the shared file I got this

SD = { }

SD.Path = ‘scionsofdestiny/gamemode/’

_Moduleloader = SD.Path … “library/moduleloader.lua”

if SERVER then

AddCSLuaFile( _Moduleloader )


include( _Moduleloader )

Problem is, it doesn’t let me include it clientside for god knows what reason, I don’t even develop on a dedicated/listen server but on singleplayer which makes it even more odd.
Any help is appreciated.

Do you include your shared.lua from cl_init.lua?

Yup it’s included from there.

do print(“test”) in that file, print(“test2”) in the beginning of shared.lua, print(“test3”) before including shared.lua in both cl_init.lua and init.lua. Post console log.

Did a clean install in the meanwhile and now it works, no idea why though. Thanks for the help nevertheless!