Need help figuring out Garry's Mod load times.

So I have been trying several means to ease up the colossal load times here. For the past months I transferred nearly all workshop addons into legacy addons, which significantly speeded up the gmod starting up process.
But loading a single map still takes ages. I need to know what bulks it up the most:
Is it mounted games? I tried disabling some of those, but nothing happened.
What kind of addons slow it more?
Does piling up everything on 1 folder speed it up?
I have 16gb of ram, so my pc is fine on that end. Please, any advice on this end could be helpful. It’s annoying to test addons when loading a map takes 5+ minutes.

Well…how many addons do you have?

I do not know everything, but I will give you some advice that i think is important.


  1. I think, if you disable mounted games and nothing happens, it’s not them.
  2. Graphic addons (like Life Mod)/ General Game Change addons. When you subscribe at some addon, look at size.
  3. Don’t know, maybe yes (if this speed up game).
  4. Try to disable some autoloading programs. (Win + R, msconfig).
  5. Install Nvidia Geforce Experience
    ( That program optimize your games.


  1. What videocard do you using?
  2. Do you ever try to defrag disks/disable indexing?

A shitty asus gtx 650. You may now laugh.
It will be replaced by a 1080 in Christmas. Until then gpu issues cant be solved.
I already have GeForce exp, everything is optimized.
I forgot how to defrag specific parts of the disk. No idea how to do the latter.
I have no graphic addons. It’s a mixture of tools, sweps, maps, and model packs.

Oh and turning off 3dsmax before loading gmod has no effect on the loading times whatsoever.

To defrag (optimize) disks click Win + R and enter “defrag”.
When, only way its a a wait for Christmas. But i prefer do something right now. :pcrepair:
I have a 8 gb of RAM (7,88 free) and I do not understand why maps on your computer is load too long. Maybe cause yourcomputer is old or something else.
Oh, its hard.Ok,

  1. Try to disable addons, what you don’t play right now or do not will play next week/month.
  2. Check your Internet speed on
  3. You can enable multicore rendering by open a console and enter

gmod_mcore_test 1

mat_queue_mode -1

cl_threaded_bone_setup 1

Or enter these commands to autoexec.cfg file in Garry’s Mod directory.

I think for another methods, please wait.

Those convars boost rendering speeds, so I doubt it will help loading times significantly.

Internet is not an issue. Firstly because my net is fast, and secondly because I am talking about singleplayer, not servers.
CPU is an i7
I am asking this so I can figure out what addons I can disable to improve my performance. I need to know what consumes more memory on loading.
According to defrag, my D drive(where steam is) is already 1% fragmented. It cannot be defragged.

When, disable large addons. To view size go to addons folder. Also try to clean “cache” folder.

Not many addons are left, I extracted most of them into folders.

Extracting them into legacy addons still means they’re addons. You should try removing some in bulk and testing that way

I already did that, I am just trying to figure out which addons require more memory to load.
Weapons or models?

My garrysmod cache is 200mb big. What should I do?

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Deleting the cache had no effect.