Need help finding a good DarkRP server

I need to find a DarkRP server that has all the wire and default tools available to guests (Dynamite and turrets don’t need to be)

I love to use E3 and Adv Dupe on DarkRP, but I can never find a DarkRP server that has them because “E3 lags and people can spam with Adv Dupe”

I don’t really like it to be BuildRP(gm_construct and gm_flatgrass DarkRP), but it can be. I mostly prefer rp_downtown servers. Any downtown map, as long as it gets a decent amount of players a day, has at least a few custom jobs and/or features, and allows E3 and Adv Dupe to guests.

If this thread is in the wrong section please move it to the correct one, please.

I’m just posting this because I hate going on every DarkRP server seeing if it offers what I want. For example, last night I went on at least 12 servers!


Define “good DarkRP”

You would know what I meant if you read the post rather than just the title…

What the fuck is E3? EGP?

He means E2 which is a part of Wiremod. EGP is also a part of wire, nothing wrong there.

You’re in dangerous territory friend, most of facepunch HATES DarkRP, they feel it ruined GMOD.

Some “good” servers in your opinion would really depend on where you live in the world. However, if you go to the server browser and add “wire” to the tags, and then simply “RP_” in the map name, you should get enough RP servers with wire, for you to test each one and see how they go.