Need Help Finding a Mod

I’m trying to find this mod that lets you change movement speed, field of view, remove death notices, etc., using an extra Utilities menu, but I can’t find it on I think it’s called More Settings or something like that.

Does anyone know which mod I’m talking about?

no :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("Can't help? Don't reply" - Benji))

Also, the mod allows you to set an auto-save time if that helps. (sorry for the bump, but I really need this mod; if you’re not supposed to bump threads, my apologies, as I didn’t know)

Like I said, I think it’s called More Settings, and it’s meant to let you play HL2-style maps in Gmod.

why would you play hl2 style maps in gmod?

I know what mod you are talking about, but I cannot remember the name nor find it through my searches on I used to have it, but removed it because the Autosave feature would slow down the game every 15 seconds or so. Sorry.

I remember the file name was More Settings, but its name on the site was different/the file was difficult to find.

Does anyone else know what mod I’m talking about?