Need help finding a mod!

Hi! I have been looking for this mod for a long time but with no succes.I can’t even remember how it was called.It’s the fix that makes ragdoll interact with props and other ragdolls and not go throught eachother!
Does anyone can help me?

Ps: Does it work with half life2?

What? you mean making ragdolls turn into NPCs? model manipulator can help with that.

NPC scenes?

No.Sorry my english is not that good i might not have explained it well.

If a ragdoll falls on another one it will go right throught it like if it was a ghost. And i remember an old mod that changed that and made that they will collide with eachother.They also went throught props.
I would like it for half life 2 because it also made that each shot left a bullethole in the body and made blood spaters with each shot. It looks better.

Holy shit.



Either OP is trolling or 12 years-old.


Nope it’s not that. I think it was called Ragdoll fix or something like that and the image was a combine on a container. That’s all i remember.

And why would i be trolin… only because i’m asking a question?