Need help finding a new server home

I’ve been searching for a server and could use some help if anyone can recommend one for me from my “requirements.” Basically me and my friends are searching for a new home with:

-Central US location (chicago preferable)
-No craftable c4 (but it can still be found in boxes and airdrops)
-No craftable m4’s (the other weapons are fine)
-Active admins but not exploiting admins. I keep finding servers close to my requirements with an admin who spawned himself enough metal to make giant huge complexes minutes after the server started.
-Recently wiped (between 1/22/14 - today)
-No racism or bigots. People who are cancerous to a community really put off me and my buddies
-PvP enabled. It’s one thing to shoot someone in cold blood, another to gloat and call them racist names and be a cancer to the chat.
-“Medium” population. Nothing huge like 100 people on all day. 15-35 active people through out the day is perfect for the size of the map I feel. No full or dead servers please.

If you’re an admin with a server that has all this, but no population but you’re actively trying to build a player base, that’s cool with us too. If anyone has any servers they would like to recommend feel free to reply to the thread with the IP and I will check them out. If I had the bankroll for it, hell I would setup our own server with all these requirements and not have to browse through the slush of public servers.

Connect Info
Open console and copy and paste the command below for a direct connection to the server.


Server Name :
[UK]|PvP|Wiped 24/1/2014


Server Location
Central Europe

250 Player Slots

Wiped 24/1/2014

Oxide Mods
Door Sharing
Invalid Character Names

Experienced and New players are welcome and the server has active respectful admins.

Admins can be added to your steam to make it easier to contact them.

The server is hosted from the same provider as the Rust Official servers.

Server is fresh 24/1/2014 so its a perfect time to join



Bring back Bad Reading for the Rust section.

Hello. Feel free to check our server out. : net.connect
C4 Is rare.
M4 is rare.
Everything is hard to get. and great community.
You may also check out our teamspeak address for more information.:

Legends of Rust

Brand new server looking to get up a decent community and just have fun.
IP -

**Oxide ** - A bunch of cool plugins that just make the server better to play on.

100 Slots - Plenty of slots for you and your friends.

Instacraft - Because no one wants to sit there looking dumb for 360 seconds.

PvP - This isn’t Minecraft and there definitely isn’t creative mode so why wouldn’t you want PvP?

Sleepers - This is not the place for you annoying combat loggers!

Wiped (1/24) - This is the best time to join because you can farm without worrying about getting raided for awhile.

Active Staff - Someone to handle those hackers and raging little kids in chat.

How to Connect to Server:

  1. Load up Rust
  2. Press F1 (Open Console)
  3. Type net.connect

Was wiped yesterday and is in Chicago. M4s and C4 are craftable, but bps are rare.

Is the c4 and m4 craftable? As in, you can use a research kit on them (as well as explosives) and eventually craft the c4 and m4’s? I would like a server where you can only get c4 or m4’s finding them in crates or off zombies but unable to craft either or of them (and not able to use research kits on them either). In their current state, they kind of break the game once you have them researched, so easy to spam them.