Need help finding C18 VMF

Hey Facepunch,

I’ve recently been looking everywhere for a clean non-decomplied VMF of City 18.
Every where I go its a really old thread and has links to something that’s not there anymore.
If you have a clean City 18 VMF lying around and you could put it up on media fire or get a hold of me on steam
My steam name is DMG| Killhammer77

Thanks in advance!

Can you please give us some information on what C18 vmf actually is?

Read the thread, he’s looking for the clean, original vmf of the popular City 18 map.

OP, ask the original creator, chances are he’ll still have it.

The creator released it.

Thank you very much glitch!
I have been looking everywhere for this!

I’m sorry for reviving a really old thread, but I was wondering if there is a new link for this.

Try this

Thank you!