Need help finding maps!

There were two maps that I had always played in, but don’t quite remember what they were called!

It seems that removed them as well, so here are some brief descriptions (in the best that I can describe.)

The first one was very popular when it came out, It had one large construct area with teleporters in it. When you walked into those teleporters, you would be transported to either;

  1. A large hilly area with a path through it that you could use for racing
  2. A rail system atop a giant body of water that could also be used for racing as well
    and 2 more which I don’t remember.

And the second map was an edited version of GM_construct with an intricate system of rooms in it, along with air vents that could also be used for easy navigation. You could also go into the smaller building and lock it using buttons inside. If I’m remembering correctly you could also go directly to the roof from the inside of the same building. There was an elevator going down to something on the little ledge (It wasn’t inside any buildings.)

If you happen to know what any of the two of these are called (or were I can download them!) please tell me so!