Need help finding this map

hey gmod people, i need help, as you can tell, so i found a map i really loved a while ago, im pretty sure it was called gm_construct extended, and it was awesome, it had a HUGE selection of places in it, it had a combine building area it had a giant lake with a spire coming out of it and a water house on the other side, it even had a desert area with a perpetual sandstorm, along with the classical construct area connected to all this. So, my problem is i have reinstalled gmod since then and i lost the map, it used to be on but its not there anymore, theres just something thats called gm_construct extended witch is way smaller and not as fun. so i need help finding that map because it has dissapeared from the face of the earth and i really wanna play on it again! :frowning:

This it?

no its not :frowning:

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OH WAIT I FOUND IT!!! its called gm_excess_construct heres the link fun map you should all try it, great for sandbox and roleplay