Need help finishing my TTT Server.

I need help adding stuff to pointshop2
adding custom weapons
and thats it

my profile:

looking for somewhere to cheat where you won’t get banned?

Right after this she banned me from her discord

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Also, she hires coders for her DarkRP server and refuses to pay them after they do their job/mid work and kicks them from the team, and when she gets -rep she deletes it from her comment section.

it’s not surprising she also uses leakforum addons

This girl is a pest.

She was begging me to fix her server when all the pirated addons were conflicting. (Please take this next part with a pinch of salt considering I do not have any proof) She’d said me nudes if I fixed it which instantly made me realise that she was just your average steam-crawling girl looking for devs.

She began to claim I didn’t know what I was doing when the server wouldn’t start, so I asked her if she had pirated addons. She said no (which means she was lying).

Yeah she kicked me mid-work saying I didn’t know what I was doing, and she said I wanted to put a backdoor in her code once I mentioned that she had awful errors in her jobs.lua

She was looking for the player’s SteamID in a fucking table, and she had:

A job named “Parcorest” (parkourist)
A Bartender job with the description “You’re a bartender. You sell things.”
A Zombie job with the description “You are a Zombie. You are a Zombie Thief.”

She later claimed it was not her jobs.lua

You remember when she used [[ to open a job description.

Yeah, I saw she did this:

[[ job description ]]

multi-line quote for single line. smh using single line quotes would’ve saved her 2 fucking byes

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You didn’t even put effort into creating this thread, why would we put our effort into working on YOUR server?

Seeing the reactions above you are able to follow a tutorial to install hacks but not to add stuff to pointshop?

K then.

Not only is she a shitty dev.

She’s also a massive slut.

She said she’d trade me nudes for me to work for her.

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