Need help fixing some kind of weird texture lighting bug

I would post this in the megathread, but not even those on /r/hammer can figure me out, let alone tophattwaffle. I’ve tried everything, from alt-clicking the textures on, to setting the smoothing groups. Still no idea on how to fix it.

it looks like you have a brush inside another brush, What are your vvis.exe and vrad settings when you compile ?

Both are set to normal, and there aren’t any brushes inside of those brushes.

Looks like there are several brushes meeting there. (Doorframe “cut” out) does splitting the brush in a different way help ?

Not really

But it changes something ? That narrows it down…

Otherwise move the whole map so it doesn’t touch any of the blue lines in hammer or try compiling with final compile
(-staticproplighting -both etc…)

I moved the map, it didn’t do anything to it. As for compiling as final, that didn’t change anything either.

Rebuilding this wall reproduces the same problem ?
Have a look at the areaportals … Maybe they give you some hint towards what’s going on

To me, it looks like an issue of how the texture was applied to the surface(s).
Looking at it, my first assumption is that one of the brushes is set to align with “Face” and the other to align to “World”

The “Face” doesn’t always accept the values of a relative “World” surface when ALT clicked on. When “Face” is checked it will always follow its own ‘face’ of the brush its on- but will accept the new shift and Scale values of “World” - Just not Align them.

The “Face” Align gets checked (Or both unchecked) often automatically gets changed when a brush is flipped, rotated, or warped when the 'tl" (Texture Lock) or the “<tl>” (Scaling Texture Lock) button(s) are selected at the top of the Hammer editor. It tells Hammer to always keep the textures positions and values relevant to the brush, even when the brush is altered.

If this is the issue, the best way to fix it I find is to just select all the Brushes in the area (Not the faces, the whole thing) and once all are selected, opening up the Face Edit Sheet and check marking the “World” Align box.
This will reset all the faces on all the brushes to the world. This WILL MESS UP all texture scale and shift adjustments done to “Face” check marked brushes so you will probably need to fix some faces after.

Alternatively, you can always just select the effected faces and realign them to “World”, but there is a good chance you will keep running into other effected faces down the line.

Hope this was the issue, and hope it helped…?
Also hope I didn’t get any of this dumb jargon wrong

Looks like lightbounce calculations aren’t playing well with your lightmaps. Post a screenshot of the lightmaps from in hammer?