Need help fixing this swep

I need someone to help me out here. I’m trying to make it able to fire when it sees certain npcs, and when it doesn’t see any npcs its not able to fire.
lookie lookie
Whoops, almost forgot the lua error
weapons\weapon_launcher\shared.lua:48: syntax error near ‘self’

[lua]function SWEP:PrimaryAttack()
local class = self:GetOwner():GetEyeTraceNoCursor().Entity:GetClass();
if (class == “npc_manhack” or class == “npc_strider” or class == “npc_combinegunship” or
class == “npc_combinedropship” or class == “npc_helicopter”) then
(self:Clip1() < 2 )
self.Weapon:SetNextPrimaryFire( CurTime() + 1.5 )
You’ve got your syntax wrong, is (self:Clip1() < 2 ) part of the condition? If so then it has to be before the ‘then’, which states the conditions are over and it’s now the block of what code to execute.
You’re getting the syntax error because you’ve got a comparison expression just hanging there, it’s not used for anything and it does nothing.