Need help fixxing some addons

I need help with this items: (I didn’t posted at the usual way because there’s “a lot” of files )

Is sv_cheats on? It needs to be.

Yes, it 's. But in the HAAX files the swep just fall in front of you, the Kick files the leg don’t make any damage (problem in Shoot.Bullets), in Palyer Model when you look in 3rd person the model is with his arms open and the legs together and the NPCs don’t appear in the list. Also the Kick and HAAX have timer.simple problems. And I really dind’t get how to fix the ShootBullet and timer.simple.

And there’s also this : make infinites errors when you get inside a vehicle

If you’re running a server, make sure you add the new playermodels to the loading file for the server. I’ll see what I can do about the others. (I have to go to school for the next 7 hours though so don’t expect a reply.)

I’m not running a server, I’m playing Single Player.

Then I can’t help you there. You would need to rebuild the whole SWEP using the updated LUA from the wiki. Code is broken and corrupt. (This is why many of us stick to the workshop that is connected to GMOD on Steam since everything there is updated, check there, they might have an updated version.)

I need to recreate all the code or just some lines(I posted here to someone help me with the corrupted lines)?

Can you get me all the models for the broken files, i.e. “HAAX”
I’ll try to fix it tomorrow, see what I can do after some paintballin’.

Here it is:

So… any news?