Need help for a big movie filming

Hello. I made a new Youtube channel, TheInvincibleProject. and i’ve been planning for a Garry’s Mod movie called ‘Shepard’s Last Mission’.
The main character is…well of course, Sergeant Adrian Shepard, leader of H.E.C.U Marines (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit).
The map is Facility from GoldenEye: Source. Adrian’s job is to find all chemical weapons, eliminate all guards, rescue all scientists and escape.
The skins i am going to use is the Black Mesa source NPC Pack, and Adrian Shepard player model pack. But i need help for acting other marines and filming.
I was planning that this video would be 10 minutes long. Don’t worry, i’ll do the editing XP.

Volunteers are welcome! If you’re interested, Send me a friend request. Steam Account: Yes! I am Invincible! [1138]
And yes, you will get credit too for helping, and btw, i need someone to host the server where we do the video. I cannot Port Forward my modem…maybe.
I can give the maps and models and textures for the people who wants to be in the movie.
All models and skins and Black Mesa source of course belongs to their respective owners
I need people, who aren’t trolls lol.
Thank you.


can i be the ideas guy

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oh wait

ill write the script

commander guy: sheperd save scientits

shepard: ok

commandar guy: shepard uv won the mission

the rest will be nyan cat but its adrian shepurd lol xDxD

I’ll start the wiki! Oh wait, that won’t be necessary. I’ll voice Gordon Freeman!

FACEPALM are you guys making fun of me? <_<

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Because i am serious. I don’t want any douches fucking playing around with me.

you think this is a motherfuckin game, shooter?

Nope. Just wanting some help, is that so hard for you?
I have Cinema 4D, Sony Vegas Pro 12, and Photoshop all ready. but i just need someone to help me. I can’t Film a youtube video alone.

i just wrote the script for you learn 2 appreciate my work

i can make the consept art if you want

Welcome to Facepunch. No one takes shit seriously here.

And why is it that you cannot do this alone? At least post some of your other work in the OP so we know what we are dealing with. If you haven’t done any work then stop already and do small videos before throwing yourself into something big.

I’ve never wanted any scripts, just someone to help me to record.

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Well the NPCs are too “stupid”, so i need someone to be the other marine, and i need someone else to record so i don’t have to r_drawvgui 0 all the fucking time, and i don’t have to cut the video so many times which results in 1: Fraps doesn’t record all and 2: the video quality gets worse because the audio cuts.

I’ll help…

yay! Send me a friend invite in Steam. And we will talk about it more.

Ill act because my computer cant really handle FRAPS and a game at the same time

The big question is, have you done something else or is this your first project? If this really is your first, I’m sorry to be a buzz-kill but it isn’t going to work.

It’s ok if you say you’re opinion about this situation. I appreciate that you are honest.
This is my third project. But notice that i’m still making the plot on the movie, for example i now replaced the map with Facility Backzone and the NPCs are not soldiers, they are zombies. They were scientists who got attacked by a horde of headcrabs and lots of nerve gas. We’ll see what the final plan is. Thanks for understanding.

It’s more of a fact than an opinion. There’s been roughly 50 threads in 2012 on this exact kind of films, action, deep plot and lots of explosions. Do you want to know how many of them came out? One. And it was terrible. All I’m saying is that you should keep yourself to the smaller stuff until you get the hang of it. And on that, could you post some of the three films you’ve made? You’re hardly going to find a lot of people (who knows what they’re doing) if you don’t post what you can perform. After all, no one is going to do a lot of work for someone who has no understanding on what his guys are doing.


Though I like your optimism on this and I shall applaud you if it goes well.

That you probably all pirated. Anyhow, there have been many threads about movies and things, and I surely tell you : It will not happen.

Have a nice day!

But wasn’t Shepard a corporal?