Need help for a Stranded map

I have made some maps for CS:S and i thought it would be fun to start mapping for GMod Stranded.
I searched and searched but there is one thing i just dont understand:

In the latest version off stranded it says:

  1. You will need to use textures which are plantable and forageable:


I can understand that i need to texture the ground one of these, but the problem is i cant find those textures in my browser.

Is it something i need to download or are my Hammer just messed up?

Any help would be apreaciated.
PS: Sorry for my bad english, but im doing my best :slight_smile:

I could be wrong but I believe they meant use textures that have “$surfaceprop” set as dirt, grass, sand, or snow inside the .vmt

Thanks and wow quick answer :slight_smile:
But is there anyway to quickly see what textures i can use then?

No, Just change the texture you wants vmt


He just type something like sand in the filter. Same goes for snow and all that.

Okay now im maybe sounding like a noob, but where do i find the vmt files?
Cause in materials folder there is only custom ones.

Right next to the normal textures normally

Thx alot, got it working now.


Okay now i face another problem.
When i place the trees and rocks they work with stranded mod and all is fine, except that it can be moved with the physics gun -.-

How can i change that?

You can try making the trees prop_static or prop_physics with motion disabled. Also when your done with the map I would like to play it.
If you release it, that is :3:

Do this, but disable smart edit, add a property gmod_allow_physgun (something like that) with a value of 0 to prevent use of the physgun in gmod

Thanks :slight_smile:

I cant promise to much about this map yet, im pretty new to making so big maps.
But ill pm you when its done :slight_smile:


Okay i tried what you both said and non of it works.
I cant disable physgun cause then you cant build a base etc. and the whole idea of the mod is gone.

about the prop_static, yes i cant use it with physgun anymore but prop_static dont work with the mod cause the trees have to could disapear when its drained for resources.

But i think maybe the reason i can move it with physgun is cause im admin, not really sure, but it would make sence cause if ppl block ways when planting trees and stuff.

Anyone with a good knowledge in Stranded mapping knows it?

The gmod_allow_physgun setting is based per-entity. So you can specify which entities you don’t want to be moved by the physgun