Need help for DarkRP

Hello all , first sorry for my bad english here is my problem on darkRP 2.3.5 :

I want to change some commands like rp_voiceradius (i want it 1 instead of 0) , but in which files i have to put this ? In autoexec.cfg i put rcon rp_voiceradius 1 and rp_voiceradius 1 it still don’t work

  1. My second problem is that when i fire with a gun on someone , he don’t loose life … why ?


  1. type it in server.cfg

add these to
sbox_plpldamage 0
sbox_godmode 0

Thanks but i don’t know where is the server.cfg , i already seek it but i don’t find it :frowning:

make one in the folder named cfg

Ok and i put in the server.cfg “rcon rp_toolgun 1” or “rp_toolgun 1”

rp_toolgun 1

when you execute something in the configs its already “rcon” that makes it run


anyway if you have the svn version of DarkRP it will automatically save the change you make ingame, so if you are assmod admin, and press f4 you have a admin tab, that tab executes console commands, and the server will save them, so if you restart the server will automatically execute the commands.