Need Help For MW3 based models

Hi All! This week i’ve done some personnal stuff, thanks luxox_18 for his MW3 character thread ( I’ve done personnal sci fi military stuff, and i need help to port them into Gmod. Could anyone help me?

Here are some pictures of my stuff:

For the characters, there are more than 15 different heads, 5 headgears, 3 Bodygears and 1 body. All the stuff isn’t 100% MW3, i’ve added my own touch :wink:

Anyone? :confused:

Could’ve sworn I made a post here…guess I must’ve forgot to hit the submit button or something.

As I was going to say in my post that disappeared, I can probably help with the weapon by making it into a few props for you. You’ll have to find someone else to assist with the character models, though. Just send me a pm with the files for the weapon model and I will see what I can do.

Ok sure, i’ll send it ASAP