need help for rust website

it wont let me register or choose anything when i go on the rust website its just rust background and the forum,facepunch and stuff in the lower left corner. I need help

I think you need a key, you can buy one at the auction

wheres that at

but it wont pop up register or anything

Here but i think the keys are out at the moment

still didnt pop up

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wouldnt let me got to that only the rust page

Uhh im not sure whats wrong then, maybe your browser

do i go on chrome
im using internet explorer

Doesnt really matta right now keys are out lol

are dey free
i mean is ther a way to play for free i would pay if i got da money but i dont:(

No man you gotta pay money

where at if it dont pop up

At that website, but it doesnt pop up for you so just wait a while