Need help for setting up .vmt and few other things about mapping

Hey guys , im sorry if i am in the wrong section.

First i Need help to set up a good .vmt file for my lava material

For an example … Getting blind when you are in it
When I play Half life 2 and i was with the airboat on the toxic river. when i get out then look in the water you get blind you cant see through it … everything is getting white. i would like the same thing to happen but to black instead.

Here is my Vmt file

	"$basetexture" "dm_pyro/izzypyrolava"
	"$surfaceprop" "slime"

	"$fogenable" 1
	"$fogcolor" "{1 1 1}"
	"$fogstart" 0.00
	"$fogend" 1.00

as you can see, i enabled a fog and it end at 1 i guess it will make a dense fog so you cant see through … Because irl you cant see through lava :confused:
but the fog didnt work at all … i can see the Side and the bottom of the lava pit

I want to make some kind of realistic lava … you dont swim in lava like if it was water … I want to slowy sink into it and make a Fade of black then you die
If you played portal 2 when you are in the old aperture in the sphere test chamber, when you fall into the acid floor you get a fade to black then it reset to your last checkpoint … I would like something like that to happen but a bit slower

I am now working on some kind of Saw like map … ( a map with a lots of trap with an horror style ) but im missing inspiration where can i find some good Design idea ?
Its gonna be in an old factory i cant find any good design for that on google …

Can anyone help me to find out some Good Texture to create light ?.. Fluorescent etc

Thanks for help :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. have a look on artificial owl or bunkertours.

hmm ill check it out

is there anyone here who know how to make a fade to death effect ?

Why would lava have transparency in the first place, just make it unlitgeneric and in your lights.rad make it emit a small amount of light. Also put water underneath it, and for the fading you can use and env_fade

hmm its for HL2 Sdk when i look into the Class there is no env_fade


Ok i found it

Hmmm how do they managed to stop you from moving in portal 2 when you fell into the acid pit of the old aperture ? you just sink down then a fade to black happen cant swim in it or anything

It kills you.

The fog parameters only apply to the water shader. I know this from experience.

yeah lol ive just figured out …

Is there a way to slowy sink in it and cant moving ? if i make it killing me, it wont be nice … I try to get an effect that look like real lava where you just Kinda burn and “melt” in it i want the same thing to happen to physical object