Need help for starter in creating custom MDL animation

So my goal is to create some NPC animation like Umpa did with his dance animation pack. Basically I know how to get his animation work with almost all models (including Gman, Alyx and Eli which he said it wouldn’t be possible without recompiling the model). Now I am trying to create my own custom animation.

I looked through Source SDK folder and found this human_sdk folder, with bunch of SMD files. My question is where should I start? Which *.smd should I use? And does it will works on all Valve models (or at least HL2 citizens, because most custom NPC are based on it)? FYI I am planning to use Blender for animation, I found some tutorial that helpful.

Thank you.

Kaay so I should figure it out by myself :v:

I succeeded into creating my test animation in Blender tho, but I realized that the sample models on Source SDK does not have bones for faceposing and proper fingers. Do you think that I should decompile a model from HL2 for my animation purpose?
Also there’s no sample SMD for female bones.

the models don’t have bone for faceposing because non exist. they use what’s called Vertex animation, or flex animation.