need help! fridns cant join my server! Movie night may be canceled!

ok so all i do is go to the “start new game” and select a map and then go to “start multiplayer” its always worked back then so why not now? trying to have a fun movie night in Gmod with Playx but it might be canceled if i cant get this working.

that doesn’t work, that creates a “listen server”

I believe that you need to create a “dedicated server”

it worked perfectly in the past.

EDIT well i cant port forward with my crap router. well if i can i have absoutley NO idea how with this one.

When is movie night, kwebber321?


I will make you and your friends admin on my server for the night. We have the most recent version of PlayX installed, and there’s very few files one has to download to join.

What map do you want me to put it on?

well its no good now cause half the ppl have lft already. maybe 2morrow.

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add me on steam also “vEXor”

Repost but

Checked his steam profile. Doesn’t have legal GMod. Also VAC Banned.

Somehow I don’t think that’s him. Almost two years of not signing into Steam at all?

You could just go to Gmod Theater and rent one of their privite rooms(In game credits not real money).

Why would he link another acc, especially one that doesn’t have GMod?