Need Help - Friend System

I need some help in a friend system.
So, when you type a name to a chat then it use findPlayerByName - I get an entity but it isn’t good cause on every map restart and join and whatever it is changing, nick is bad too cause it is changeable.So I guess Steam ID would be the solution but I have problems. Can I get an entity by steam id? I found this: Player.GetByUniqueID on wiki but I’m not sure, so give me ideas please.

[for Dark Ages Gamemode]

local friends = { “steam_id_here”, “another_here” }

for _, ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
if table.HasValue(friends, ply:SteamID()) then
– MsgN(ply:Nick() … " is a friend!")

ye, that is right.
I forgot that I can use the ply from player.GetAll

So… You want it Client or Serverside? You need some info here…

Well, I’m almost ready with it cause of _Undefined :wink:

Cool ;).

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Looks good, otherwise the friend system is too gray.

Ugly vgui imo.

Yeah, I know everybody hate basic derma gray but it is just the base,design is for later