Need help getting 3ds max models!

Hi have recently sighned up to garrys mods and see this forum, and was just wondering if anyone knew how to obtain mw3 models for 3ds max or even mw2 for that matter…they do not need to be rigged im able to do that… i only have managed to get cod 4 models and dont have mw3 or mw2 on pc so therefore cant use dxripper…

Anyhelp would be really appreciated!! x

Wrong section.

This guy got a bunch of models in 3ds format from MW2. I think he’s also working on getting models from MW3.

There. Is. Requests. Section.
Can’t you <jelly> see it?

Maybe this will sound dumb, but I’m tired as shit of some <unintelligent creatures of land> that cannot see the “requests” section. If you’re making a request, post in “requests” section. LOGIC?