Need help getting a npc model moving more properly.

I’ve been working on a Cremator model’s qc file for my mod and I’ve managed to get it moving forward properly following some tutorials, but only forwards (like a zombie). When moving it will not turn its body to face the player if he gets outside of its aiming range the way npcs like a Combine soldier would and I’m pretty sure it’s an issue with the model, not code. Any idea what information I might be missing?

Here’s the qc file for reference:

it could be that the cremator has no A.I to do anyting other than walk around ref:-

I’m also coding the ai. There is no npc_cremator otherwise. Honestly kind of a weird assumption to think I’d be trying to make a model for an npc only present in the most barebones form in the leak without also having some hand in it having AI.

As I said, pretty sure it’s still a model issue.

have you checked in the model viewer if there is a turning animation ?

That’s most likely what I’m missing when I look at other model’s decompiled although I’m not sure how to set it up. For instance the vortigaunt has

Since I don’t actually see anything beyond him standing still in the model viewer I assume most of the info comes from how its written in the qc file. Tried copying this but no luck so far, only guess I could make is I need to make a weight list as well. Or does the turn smd need something as well? Tbh not even sure why its saved as a separate smd when it seems like it’s just a still reference pose.

you could try $includemodel to include animations from another model i.e

then your cremator will have there turning animation

You realize these are models with entirely different skeletons and if any activities conflict it’s gonna be janky as hell right? $include is not going to work here at all.

Edit-Gonna try adding that weight list I mentioned and see if that fixes it.

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After adding a weightlist:

and adding turn gestures he actually did turn around while moving but only once. Not totally sure if that’s a coding error or something else is needed in the .qc file to make it more consistent. Either way thanks for confirming that a turn animation was needed.

Edit-Last step was getting a bit in the code to override where he’s facing when moving. Totally done now. :slight_smile: