Need help getting simple script work.

First of all sorry for being such a noob but anyways… here it goes: I just found script that removes all the default HL2 weapons from the server except Physgun Gravgun and Toolgun but the problem is that everytime i go into server i only keep getting gravgun and console shows this -->
Attempted to create unknown entity type weapon_physcannon!
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!
Attempted to create unknown entity type gmod_toolgun!
NULL Ent in GiveNamedItem!

And the script is here

function StripAndGive(ply) ply:StripWeapons() ply:Give(“weapon_physcannon”) ply:Give(“weapon_gravgun”) ply:Give(“gmod_toolgun”) return true end hook.Add(“PlayerLoadout”, “StripAndGive”, StripAndGive)

Could someone help me with this please?

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - Gran PC))

hook.Add("PlayerLoadout", "StripAndGive", function(ply)
return true
end )

Awesome! it works! Thanks so much! :slight_smile: