Need help getting someone banned, not sure where to put this if you go to my profile, and then to screenshots, you will see a screenshot of someone names Cigg’s getting 4 200m headshots in less than a second. That is a link to his profile if you need it.

(User was banned for this post ("read the rules before you post here. missed the hackers report thread." - postal))

VAC and Facepunch are automated and do not accept reports.

There is no way to “get someone banned” from Rust by posting screenshots. Screenshots do not conclusively link a Steam ID to specific cheating behaviour.

If someone is cheating/hacking, they will eventually get banned, but it takes a while. VAC operates over a few weeks and CheatPunch is a little quicker. Garry and Facepunch is trying to rectifying this by working on EAC, which should act immediately. VAC, CheatPunch, and EAC operate automatically, so if you want a manual ban, you need to contact an admin of the server you are playing on so they can ban from just that server.