Need help getting vehicles speed

I am tryin to find a way to call the players vehicle speed. I have tried this but it gets all of the players speeds: Is there any way that i can get the server to get only the local player’s vehicle speed?

I asked this question in the neewbie section, but the lack of answers leads me to believe that it belongs here.

nevermind, I figured it out, thanks for nothing.

I’m sure everyone is sorry that they can’t watch every post and reply to it.

Pretty much no, + it was at 8 AM and i just woke up.
EDIT: You just got your answer in yout firt theard in Newbie Questions subforum, thanks for checking your theards. Oh, and never double them.

sorry about that, the post had been up nearly all of yesterday, I also edited it which I am not sure if that bumps it or not, but I was getting annoyed about both someone nagging me and this issue, on top of that some rum was involved, so things got a bit messy. I will make sure that I don’t do that again. Thanks!