need help GMOD parrallel like universe

hi guys, here is what i want to do :

I want to create a system of houses for my gamemode that should act like that : there is a door entity which you use in world that will TP you in an enclosed room in the map and everything you see and do in there would be only seen by you and everybody who entered the same door as you ( prop-physic interactions, player-prop interactions, player - player interactions etc ) but if you enter from an other door it will tp you in the same map room but you won’t see other players and other props from the other doors … like an other dimension.

in other and shorter worlds : I 'm searching for a solution like preventing the client from receiving any data from the server about some entities

My idea is to use this method to allow people to create persistent in world houses with minimal performances issues for the server (props aren’t spawned until someone enter the room) and so I can have a good amount of houses.

I have already done the house managing and prop spawning and despawning using sql database etc, my only issue is to find a way to prevent any interractions with props/players that are in other dimensions (can’t carry them and can’t collide with them and can’t see them)

Let me just say that I’m not asking this right after finding this idea, I’ve tested a lot of things and none of them worked or where in anyway possible without flooding no collides/ nodraw etc… and i’ve searched for the same issue on google and FP nothing seemed to match my problem… facepunch is my last option ! :slight_smile:

So any of your awesome minds could help me with this ? :v:

sorry for my bad english and thanks everyone in advance for the help :slight_smile:

they shouldn’t be seeing them automaticly if the map is optimized well, since I guess the ‘room’/dimension room is outside of the map, like a box, and vvis should automaticly stop them from being rendered since theres a wall between them.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I know about that, but I want to prevent the rendering and interaction with some player who are in the room but keep them for others to create the effect they are in an other room, alone with theire own props etc

You could Create an empty Room and ClientsideModels()

I seem to remember something REALLY REALLY similar to this… hang on, I’ll try to find it

I think it was in a WAYWO thread a while back or something, I even replied to the author asking why he didn’t just remove and respawn the props rather than him hiding them and all that

thanks again guys !

i’ve seen this and it seemed to match a bit what I need, but if I have 2 people in the same ‘dimension’ with their own client side props who should see the same props they won’t see the other player interaction with the props. Like one player push a barrel, the other on will see the other player going thought it and the barrel not moving :confused:

I’ve searched for similar mod, the one that seemed really similar was ribbon tool (derendering the whole props in an area ) but it in fact don’t stop physic interactions, but maybe I missed yours :slight_smile:

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maybe i’ve found something that may match my needs :

I haven’t tested it yet (not on my coding computer) I ll give feedback once tested in few hours but i m still open for other way to do it just in case :slight_smile:

Maybe syncing Model;Pos;Ang and this should work!

I ll check everything once I m back home and give feedback thanks :slight_smile:

Ok for my first test with :SetPreventTransmit( ply, true ) is not what I expected : the physic interaction are still there even cloacked and I can even still use the object (with “e” key)

I have an old shittily coded script for this which acts as layers. The problem is though, I’ve no clue how to stop certain sounds from entities in other layers so it doesn’t sound good.
Anyway, heres the code:
Call ent:SetLayer( num between 1 and 1024 ) to see it in action or say /layer and a number to set your own layer easily. Any props created on a layer will stay on that layer even if you switch off unless the props have their layers set. Any map props are visible on all layers. If you can figure out how, you may want to add some PreventTrasmit stuff and see if that’ll add more reliability.

Thx a lot ! I ll check that right now to see how you managed todo it :slight_smile:
It’s for a gamemode I’m making so I ll know everything that may be spawned and use so maybe I can go around the sound issue :slight_smile:

lemme guess – RP Gamemode?

This somewhat reminds me of GMod Tower, but I’m not sure if they really used a system like that or if they actually had many individual rooms in the map.

Never played GMTower, but didn’t they simply have subservers which made you connect to them? Would be really heavy serverside to have so many ‘subgamemodes’ on one server.

They had “subservers” for their gamemodes, but the “lobby server” had a bunch of things to do in it as well and it allowed a ridiculous number of players to play concurrently. Had a pretty big map split into sections, including a bar, a theater, and arcade with tetris and some flash games, and also - a “hotel”. The hotel was free to use from what I can remember as long as there were vacant rooms, and you could enter your room (and allow others to enter), place furniture in it, chill around, whatever. You could buy furniture from the shops near the lobby.

I don’t know if GMTower still exists, but it was very impressive how much they managed to cram into a single server plus some smaller servers.

yeah kind of primal survival game

exactly this kind of stuff but for what I remenber (haven’t played for really long) you have to “rent” a door to acces your room so my guess is there is 1 room per door in the lobby but for my gamemode I can’t know how many house theire will be :slight_smile: (maxplayer * max number of house allowed)

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@Melted Bu11et

what if in your code one entity in an other layer overlap one in my actual layer and I try to use the one in front of me won’t it trigger the other one and not mine ( if mine is completly inside of the other from the other layer ? )

Test and see. The physgun doesn’t pick up objects that you aren’t allowed to collide with, making me think Useing should function the same way.

Sorry for the day not answering my work day was much longer than expected ^^"

ok so what I have test I have no other solution than modifying the util.TraceEntity and some other lua function to prevent any interactions with the props I think it’s all I needed !

thanks everyone for the help ! :smile: