Need help importing smd Source model AND animations into Unity 3D

So I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to get this to work.

I’m trying to import the DOD’S American Player model into Unity.

I downloaded the smd tools for Blender 3D, and managed to import and save it, and get it into Unity with textures and all.

But I cant for the life of me figure out the default animations that come with the model, such as the running, walking, shooting etc ones from DOD’S.
I’m not sure if the smd importer loads the animations at all.
I really cannot find them ANYWHERE.

I understand that Unity uses a FBX type thing for the animations.
But I cant find any of the sort.

If anyone knows how to do this, please, give me some help.

Basicly I’m trying to Import the animations into Blender.

But I cant seem to find them anywhere.

Where did you get the model from? If it’s from the game’s modelsrc then the animations should be in there too.

Well since I’m looking under Day of defeat source’s directory, I’m extracting the player models from dod_pak_dir
Like I said, I managed to import the American, player model into Blender, then saved it as a .blend file.
And imported into unity.

But now I’m trying to find the animations that source uses for the player models.
Where are they located for DOD’s?

I don’t have this game but usually for Valve games there’s a player.mdl and a player_animations.mdl.
Of course you can’t really extract it since mdldecompiler is such a piece of shit, so you’ll need to look in Source SDK.

But then again, I’m probably wrong.

Okay so I figured out quite a bit, but I have a different question.

On this CSS Desert Eagle, the hands and weapon model itself seems to be flipped?

That’s what it looks like…

I really need some help with this, as I’m running low on hair to tear out. :v:

Can’t you just turn it around manually?

Export with do not fix rotations

But if I just export it, its the same on Unity…

i meant with the decompiler

Haha, now look at that…

I actually found out how to fix it, by ticking Do not fix rotations.

I come here to announce that I fixed it.
And then I see your post.

Wow… But yeah, I finally fixed it!
Thanks for helping guys!

Just out of curiosity, was the model named something like v_deagle.mdl?

Its full name when I imported it into Blender was deagle_reference.smd

Since it’s the Desert Eagle from CS:S, I’d assume it was v_pist_deagle.mdl.

That would be the name of the reference file after it’s decompiled. I think he’s asking for the name of the .mdl you decompiled.

Strange. I was just wondering how you managed to decompile it, because whenever I decompile a TF2 v_model the animations get horribly broken.