Need help in creation of props and ragdolls.

After A LONG trip of jumping forum to forum, finding out garry put the modeling and mapping forums backwards, and looking at tutorials that weren’t helpful I decided I’d ask. I need help in order to create props. And then turning these props into ragdolls, I’ve noticed some addons have 3 props combined to create a very creative “prop”, I wish to learn how to do that to.
My set up(if it helps)
4 GB Ram
Pentium 2(IDK why you’d need my ram or cpu but you get it anyways)
ROBLOX for modeling(Because modeling here can actually literally take less than 2 hours if I really wanted)
Blender for decompiling the model into texture files
MS-Paint and for the ease of access of the TFs.
Hammer. . . and bins of GMOD(Essentially all of GMOD’s tools I could get, from the first version to the current)
Lua for Windows 7.1(Again. . .)
Please do help. And before you ask:Yes, I am essentially a newbie to the source engine. And I am most likely going to be banned because this doesn’t fit with the rules for this forum(that I couldn’t find).

Do you need someone to make props for you, or you want someone to teach you how to make them?? and what kind of props you want to make??

Preferrably teach.
Also, I want to learn physics props. And ragdolls. Possibly effects too. The last one was excluded because of complexity… I think it’s complex anyways. I thought I explained this. Infact I did.

Okay well I didn’t explain the physics props part. You managed to read a partial of it, but I suppose my blocks of text do not suffice.
Also for the love of god PLEASE do not type with multiple question marks, it annoys the crud out of me. I kinda am a punctuation nazi.

Does punctuation really matter? This is an internet forum, people aren’t really worried about this stuff a lot.

Back on track here, I’m afraid I cannot take in students currently as I am rather busy, but I can instead provide some videos for you that I made and should hopefully help you out.

I have some tutorials on how to make stuff for Source with blender: – Downloading the tools – Making a model with blender. – UV Mapping (Making Textures) – Porting the model to source. – Making a playermodel
I suggest you watch in this order.

Thanks. Surprised you looked at this.

Hi, firstly I apologize for piggybacking on this thread since I don’t want to make a new thread or send PMs, so if you don’t mind. I watched Buu342’s videos and decided to try making a basic static prop for gmod. Well I got it compiled without error but when I spawn it, it has a pink, chrome like shine to it. However when I shine a flashlight / lamp on it, the pink reflection disappears. I tried mat_specular 0 and 1 but they don’t work. The prop looks like this in game.

my VMT looks like this

	"$basetexture" "models/dragonradar/dragonradar_base"

	"$phong" "1"
	"$phongexponent" "20"
	"$phongboost" ".1"	
	"$phongfresnelranges"	"[.3 1 8]"
	"$halflambert" "0"
	"$basemapalphaphongmask" "1"
	"$lightwarptexture" "models/dragonradar/lightwarp"

	"$rimlight" "1"
	"$rimlightexponent" "4"	
	"$rimlightboost" "2"

	"$ambientocclusion" "1"

Any help is very much appreciated and again, I apologize to OP and everyone else for bump.

Something is wrong with your lightmap if the base texture is working fine

I am not an expert, but, it is trying to use phongmask from the basetexture. Probably your basetexture does not have any phong mask, thus the missing texture. Try changing “$basemapalphaphongmask” to 0

Hi guys! found and fixed the problem–I mistyped “lightwrap” in the VMT. It’s working fine now! Oh, I changed the basemapalphaphongmask to 0, too.
Thanks for the quick replies!
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