need help in modeling in cinema 4d

i wanna model some guns in cinema 4d but i need help

Go and watch some tutorials then.

Since the basics of modelling apply to any 3D app, it doesn’t even have to be cinema 4D specific tutorials for learning the basics of modelling.

Ofc, if you need to learn how to handle Cinema 4D first, then use C4D beginner and Interface Tutorials.
Some exclusive modelling tools like the polypen might require C4D specific tutorials, too.

One thing i’d recomend everyone working with C4D is the built in help manual.
Either bring it up by pressing ctrl+F1 or just right click on allmost everything on the C4D GUI and choose help from the context menue, which brings you exactly to the place in the documentary that is about the item you just clicked on.

Oh and next time you ask for help, make sure to provide at least some more information.
We don’t even know which version of Cinema are you working with or if it’s a student version (no plugins, restrictions).
You didn’t even say which gun or if you ever worked with Cinema before.