Need help in modelling

I looked up modelling ragdolls and props tutorials when there is gmod 10. Since then a lot has changed and I can’t really remember how to make them, moreover I can’t even find the old tutorials. So can anyone help me to understand these file extensions and what them do?

I only remember .mdl (obviously) and .phy

Shouldn’t you ask permission before dissembling someone else’s add-on?

It really depends on why you’re doing it. If you’re just pulling apart an addon you enjoy you study what the files do then you’re using it for learning purposes and no harm is done. If that for some reason isn’t the case then I rigged the exact same model for Source before GMod used the workshop that can be used.

I just showed that model for example, I’m not planning to use it. I just wanted to show this example since it is a player model that its color can be modified.

For ragdolls you can use this tutorial (old but still useful)

For playermodels you can use this tutorial

For props you can use this tutorial:

Thank you so much I’m looking for this :slight_smile: