Need help in my gmod dedicated server.

Hi there. I’m beastofmankind. I recently made my own dedicated server for friends but I have gotten into coding it alot. I am really trying to get a custom map voter for my server but cant seem to. I found this and installed it. When I went in my server the map voter wont start? I tried searching up alot but I am confused why it isnt starting. Someone please help me fix this error.

What gamemode?


I use this map vote on a test TTT server I have and it works fine; how have you installed it?

I guess Ill write some errors here from my console.

[ERROR] lua/autorun/server/ttt_mapvote.lua:21: attempt to call field ‘Start’ <anil value> 1. unknown - lua/autorun/server/ttt_mapvote.lua:21:

Couldn’t include file ‘mapvote\cl_mapvote.lua’ (File not found) <@lua/autorun/mapvote.lua (Line 36))

[AddCSLuaFile] Couldn’t find ‘mapvote\cl_mapvote.lua’ (File not found) <@lua/autorun/mapvote.lua (Line 32))

Couldn’t include file ‘mapvote\sv_mapvote.lua’ (File not found) <@lua/autorun/mapvote.lua (Line 34))

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Yes ive installed it and when the last round starts the map voter wont. I watched the video on how to install it. I put the mapvote folder in my addons and ttt_mapvote in my autorun folder. Is there any coding I need to do?

I don’t know what video you watched, but you should download the lua folder from here and put the lua folder in garrysmod/addons/mapvote. Then take this file and put it in garrysmod/lua/autorun/server.

OMG thank you so much! The help is really appreciated.

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Alright Now that that problem has been fixed there is a new problem for me ;-;. Alright so im doing scoreboard ranks and chat tags and that works perfectly but there is a lua error I keep getting.

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/vgui/sb_team.lua:81: attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘Width’ (a nil value) 1. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/vgui/sb_team.lua:81:

Another edit.

In my scoreboard ranks for the first few seconds it says Owner beside my name the that quickly changes to S.Admin.

I want it to stay owner.

I can definitely help you out add me on steam “Jeremy Rules” I can help you with it! :slight_smile:

Seems legit.

I love how he spelled ‘Warfare’ wrong