Need Help In My Server! DarkRP

hello there,

I have just started my own 24/7 server and hope i can find here wat i need.
I am scearching for people who can help my server and take it to a higher level.
You know somebodey who can help AND want to add me in STEAM [WD] WhiteDarkness.
What do i need for people, i need people who can help scripting lua like jobs donate places and the supplies people can buy, more printers i will like aswell.
I don’t know what a server i wanna have i like both ‘‘DarkRP Roleplay’’ in a RP_downtown map or i want a “BuildRP” in Gm_Construct.
Plz Help Me and you will may get a reward For it like to be a admin/superadmin in my server Or another name you like :).

And i wanna have my own maps to The server it is called:’’[WD] GangTurltes BuildRP Jobs/Tools/No Lagg’’
may i change the name but i like the [WD] GangTurltes so that will always stay in the name, i have started a forum and a site to show the news and that people can make ban request and apeals like that stuff can you help with something add me in steam plz!
[WD] WhiteDarkness
[WD] WhiteDarkness
[WD] WhiteDarkness
XD spam :smiley:

Sure I can help you out.

I’d go regular rp in rp_downtown_v4c