Need help/information regarding a script/addon

I’ve seen servers that use a script/addon on TTT servers,which writes in red text when someone team kills you to the whole server.It usually comes with the other announcments like:When a traitor does a double kill,triple,followed by a rampage, and finally is dominating.All of that is written in a red text and send in the chat in the server ;o If anyone knows where i can find this,or if anyone can make it,much appreciated.

Thanks, and what is the hook for team killing someone? (like in ttt,a traitor kills a traitor,and then it outputs (name) just team killed (name).

And how do I exactly use the kill counter for the other messages? I mean when someone kills 2 ppl, (not team kills) it has to output double kill and if 3 of em are dead triple… how do i make that counter? for kills and not counting the team kills?

Sounds like our TTT add-on.

This is the part where you open up TTT and analyze the gamemode yourself because defining the Traitors from innocents has its own script. Just find out the team names and there you go.

I remember that there were several servers with it,one of em’ was ldt (a bit different than the others i’ve seen, and not the one I’m looking for.) the other one was a russian server and some others that I just randomly joined in them.
Anyway,asked some rlf to help me out on this one so yea,did the thingymybob with t-kills. I understood also how to make the kill counters and streaks, but I’ll try to put some originality in my own way :slight_smile:
Thanks again for helping me out guys :slight_smile: