Need help installing custom weapons

I Want to install custom weapons and make cops spawn with them, i’ve had several attempts and they dont work anyone able to help?

and i want to do

sbox_godmode 0
sbox_noclip 0

where do i type these i cant type them through console.

If they are commands, you can type them in the console, if they aren’t commands, then you can’t type them anywhere.

They are Commands when i type them in it says:

“Can’t change replicated ConVar sbox_godmode from console of client, only server operator can change its value”

Not sure where to type it

Type it into the server console, if you don’t have direct access to it use rcon.

Put this in the server.cfg in the cfg folder of your orangebox folder.
“sbox_playergod” “0”
“sbox_noclip” “1”

Then put them in autoexecute

I Cant Find a Server.cfg File I Can Online find a game.cfg and a config_default.cfg

Could you give me a exact directory?

Nevermind I got it. Its just named game.cfg

Does anyone KNow how to Add Custom Weapons?

im not shure but if u need to put a class in u need to edit the shared file in gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode/shared.lua try search the file through for civil protection and then there should be a “weapon_glock2” then add the weapon you want like weapon_glock2, weapon_m42(im not shure if it works, just a quick theory)

Yes i know how to do that, i add them but the model isnt there however i can shoot it but it looks like i have a big error sign above my head