Need help installing zombie survival

I’ve been trying to install Zombie survival gamemode. But it never works. I put the gamemode folder in the gamemode folder. Then I put the other folders in Addons. But when I go to choose the gamemode it isnt there, Can someone please tell me how to install it?

You Copy Everything into the main Gmod folder
This is the ZS Folder

Copy all those to
Steamapps-YOURACC-Garry’s mod- Garry’s Mod.

It Should work.

What other folder?

I bet you he put Models, Textures and such into addons

Either that or he’s using a leaked copy of ZS.

Noxs version?

Could be. My version has also been leaked in the past (when the LauCorp file upload/download exploit was on the go) , as has Mr-Green’s version.

Koten. Is there a info.txt in the zombiesurvival folder?

If theres already one. Then witch ZS are you trying to use?