[NEED HELP] Interactive minimap

Hi guys, I’m trying to make a sort of minimap that can interact with entities like doors and buttons. I’m currently trying to add a visual indicator on the minimap to show the state of the door, So I’m wondering if there is any way to find the current state of a door/button (opened or closed).

P.S. I’ve added a picture of what I’m making, figured it could help :sweat_smile:

We had a similar problem recently, should help you fix it. The door being open or closed is just another flag if I remember.

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Thanks, @ubre It worked, but I lost a couple hours because I didn’t know that the GetInternalVariable method would only return the “m_toggle_state” on the serverside :sweat_smile:

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That stinks! I see why they would do it, could be used by cheaters in gamemodes where it matters.

There’s plenty of ways to work around that issue, you could have the server network m_toggle_state (or any of the other variables used for door states) for any classes that you specify, then you just read that out in your minimap code.