Need help Laptop.

I normally play this game at home on my pc however It’s xmas so I’m visiting family and borrowing my brothers laptop.

1366 x 768
i5 2nd gen
gt 420m 1gb
4gb ram.

I’ve managed to play this before with a little lag on an i3 with no gpu yet this plays ALOT worse?

Just completly unplayable :frowning:

can play league maxed with like 80/120 fps as a game referance

By the way, just saying, playing LoL on maxed graphics isn’t really much of a good reference…lol. I’m guessing not enough ram.

I know its not a demanding game what so ever but its what “most” people play xD could be the ram though but I thought it only used about 2gb? I guess ill just go a week without playing rust :smiley:

Well yeah, Rust uses a bit over 2gigs, leaving your OS/other programs to run simply on 1.5gigs ish isn’t going to cut it lol.