Need help letting other ranks see admin chat.

Hello, I’ve Googled this issue for a whilst now, but I can’t find an answer.

I’m trying to make a custom rank (Moderator) have access to viewing admin chat. I tried setting the inheritance to admin, which worked, but it also gave them access to all admin commands and I can’t disable them without also disabling them from admin (anyone know a workaround for this, not really needed if I can get other ranks to see admin chat, but still).

What file do I need to edit to let custom ranks see admin chat?

What admin mod are you using?

Just give them access to asay in the ulx settings.

Did he say he was using ULX? You can’t just assume he does.

asay, that’s what it was.

Sorry about such a noob mistake, been months since I’ve messed with GMod server stuff.

Thanks for the help!

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Update, allowing access to asay doesn’t seem to fix it.

I’ve had people test it and they can’t see admin chat, still. Any ideas why?

Edit the asay module in the ulx addon directory.

Majority of people are using ULX so it is reasonable to guess ULX. If he isn’t then he would have come back and simply said it.

the permission is “ulx seeasay”, either use the concommand to add it, or search through the categories.

Figured it out, via more research.

For anyone else who comes across this thread, use the following command in console:

ulx groupallow “rank/group” seeasay