Need help lokking for something!

Ok I’ve tried everything looking for this swep… It’s called Medicalheadcrab’s realistic sweppack or something very simular to this. I really tried everything searching, etc. If you know where I can find it please give the link or Url <3 Thank you!!!

This isn’t the request section

If you paying attention it’s not a request, thank you.

Just wondering if anyone has it so I can get it I can’t find it anywhere that’s all.

If you were paying attention this is the Lua questions sub-form for Lua coding questions not the “I suck at searching so give me a link” section

I cleary said that searched so please go away if you not gonna help and take up space this is a QUESTION section. I don’t see anywhere else to post a question related to lua sweps… If you do please re-direct me.

Well I’m awaiting a reponse!

Hm…I don’t want someone to remake it. I’m just wondering if it was took down and if anyone still has the files!

I guess it’s worth a try…

Well I made a topic in that thread can be deleted now if you like.

Take your pick, make a new thread at one of these locations.

Also, give an idea of what is / was in the pack.