Need help making a breakable pipe

I’m making a map where the player has to travel across this pipe and I want it bend slightly and then break after a delay.

This would work like the air duct gordon has to crawl through before dropping him into that room full of barrels and explosives. I think it’s episode 1.

How would I go about making one?

Make a model would be my guess.

There are plenty of models, and I’m using a model, so I don’t quite get your suggestion.

I want to know how to set it up to work the way I want it.

So far, I have the pipe (model) parented to a func_physbox with motion disabled, when I pass a trigger_multiple, it enables motion on the pipe and it falls.

Works, I guess, but it’s lame and is nowhere near my expectations for it. For some reason no ones ever asked how to make things break when you walk on them.

Oh, now I see what you meant. It’s not the pipe itself, that I need help making. It’s the sequence that I need help “conducting”.

If it’s in Hl2: Ep1 then you might want to decompile, but if you mean hl1 I don’t know.
Probably hit a nodraw button that enables the function physbox and plays a breaking sound.

I don’t need a button. I have a trigger_multiple to trigger it falling.

The thing is I don’t want it to just fall. I want it to rotate downward slightly, pause, and then fall. Anyone know how to coreograph that?

And yes it’s in HL2. I only think it’s Ep1.

you could have a trigger brush that causes the model to unfreeze after you walk across.

Well, if you don’t mind the bend downwards happening instantly, you could use two seperate models of the pipe. A straight one, and a bent down one, and kill the straight one and spawn the bent one as you pass the trigger. Give it an env_shake and loud noise to cover it up. Then you can add a delay to enable motion on the bent pipe.

Or animate the prop.

That’s what I have. What do you think a trigger_multiple is?

I’m not skilled enough for that. How did valve do it with that air duct?

I remember the air duct you’re talking about. I think it just makes a loud noise and falls. What you could do is make a phys_ballsocket or whatever it’s called connecting one end of the pipe to the world, then put a small invisible brush just under the other end. Then make the trigger remove the brush after say a second. Hold on, a diagram might help.

The trigger would enable motion on the pipe, then after 1 second, disable the brush and kill the ballsocket constraint. As well as playing sounds and making dust effects and env_shake and whatever else you want. You might have to mess with it a bit to get it to work, but that’s how I would do it.


The trigger should be in the middle of the light grey pipe actually.

I can confirm it was EP1 because that part was awesome.

I’d say this, but just disable motion on the hinged prop when it’s triggered.

why a pipe?

its his map.
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Alternatively you could enable motion on the pipe for a split second, then freeze it again (at 2) only to drop it after about a second. Use a brush (red square) to make the pipe fall in the direction you want.

Nice paint skills. But yea that could work too, but if it’s multiplayer, the split second might not work too well - since the trigger system is all serverside, the deciding when to freeze/unfreeze the prop is not predicted and lag might cancel it out.

True. It’s not very reliable as a method in general either, as it’s based on physics rather than script.

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That looks like it should work. Thanks for the diagram.