Need help making a darkrp

So I have all (well i think all) the “basics” setup I need help putting it all together making it all work and fixing anything on the way.

Willing to pay for your time through anything other than PayPal.

My skype: REPPINQ

P.S: I still have my old server files from a pretty successful server and I’m trying to make a replica of it though this time I’m using darkrpmodification I really just want someone to slave for me for $ :>

I’ll give you your first piece of advice:

don’t do it

Why not?

Cause yo moma!

Seriously though try it yourself instead of paying someone as your going to need some coding knowledge to run a server.

The “cause your mama” thing was stupid…
But the 2nd part about needing some Lua knowledge is true.
Sure it can be easier to just hire a coder, but in the long run being able to code your own stuff for your server is much easier plus it’s cheaper.

On top of that, plenty of people are willing to help you out. You can shoot me a steam message at anytime if you don’t understand something ~

I can help out if you’d like. PM me on steam.