Need help making a fallout styled roleplay.

I plan on making a serious post apocolypse roleplay server running rp_salvation then there would be a robotic faction using the skynet base then people scavenge for food and supplies, I want advice from the community for this not fail Hard. I would fix up and use Shadow. I intend on making acid rain and other things that make the enviroment toxic to certain people.

The robots would use terminator models, So yea. If I dont fix up shadow it will definetly be ts2, modded by me.

Are you sure you wouldn’t want this to be more of a Terminator roleplay rather than a Fallout roleplay? :downs:

What’s shadow.

Acid Rain? Explain.

If Fucking sickjitz let me it would be, Terminator RP but in 2018 not 2029.

:rubshandstogetheran The hell?

I lol’d.

OK i will help you Riley.

Riley qft, my main roleplay name is Kiley.

What can you offered to help.

Image design and photoshop help…Making maps and shit like that. Banners,Headers Any image design. Do you guys have a site or forums?


Sorry for Double post but do you know Boveck?

Why the hell do you need photoshop for a server. =/

And we have some forums.


Boveck is a permabanned member from my community.


Trp =/= forp

Is this a Serious RP server?

LOL! What did he do?